bronze sculptures of miep maarse

In Miep Maarse’s sculptures animals, specifically hippo’s and elephants play a major role.
The hippo has the ultimate form for her inspiration. The beautiful, simple voluminous body and the
big grinning “ face“ fascinate her. Brought to life by her optimistic enthousiasm these powerful
animals are moving with lightfooted grace.
On iceskates ,racing or turning pirouettes they seem to defy gravity and become affectionate and
tender creatures. Miep’s heavyweights remain animals but with human characteristics.
The care of the elephant-mother for her baby is of moving beauty and the humor of this sculpture
instills a little smile. As can be seen in her book Miep’s creative abilities go well beyond her
heavyweights Portraits and sculptures made on commission show her wide ranging repertoire
and experience . The result is without doubt unique, original and pleasing.

1945 Born in Aalsmeer
1963 – 1964 Artschool “Academy ’63 Haarlem
1965 Sir John Cass College Londen 
1965 – 1969 Gerrit Rietveld Academy of Art, Amsterdam